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Terms & Conditions


Please Read our warranty policy very carefully!

  1. We’re resellers of mobile electronic devices and we therefore apply the second hand warranty policy as per the consumer protection act  of South Africa.

  2. We’re not agents or affiliates of any mobile device manufacturers such as Apple, Samsung, Sony etc. Therefore we give a standard six months warranty for all our mobile devices; as per the consumer protection act.

  3. Unless otherwise stated, all brand new mobile devices come with a Six months limited warranty. And 3 Months warranty for a used  device. This warranty does not cover accidental/liquid damage, battery replacement or faults with accessories such as cables, adapters and controllers. It’s therefore important that you inspect your goods before leaving the store; as we do not give. Cash refunds (if the first seven days have lapsed) under any circumstances…

  4. In an event that a smartphone is blacklisted,  we’ll replace it like for like or give an equivalent amount in cash

  5. Please note that impact, accidental or water damages voids your warranty. A quote is only. Valid for 7 days . All parts carry a 21 days repair warranty.

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