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The Techshop FAQs

  • Do you do lay-byes?
    Unfortunately, we don't!
  • Can you courier a device to me?
    Yes we courier devices nationwide, at a cost of R198, while collection from our store is also option.
  • What's your warranty on 2nd hand devices?
    We give 3 months warranty on 2nd hand devices
  • What payment methods do you accept?
    Cash, Card and EFT
  • Can I request that you get a device for me?
    We'll try to get the device for you, but we cannot give a day or promise anything. Because we buy from the general public, we never know what we'll get, till we get it.
  • How does a trade in or swap work?
    If your device is of the same value as the device that you intend to get from us, we'll do a straight swap, if it's of a less value, you'd have to add a cash difference, if it's of a higher value, we'll pay you the cash difference...
  • Where do you get your devices from?
    We buy from the general public
  • Is this device original/how do I know that it's not a stolen device?
    We're a reputable business, we operate from a store, we've operated from the same address for a few years now, we give invoices with everything that we sell, it's therefore not in our best interest to sell fake or stolen devices.
  • What is CPO or what does it entail?
    CPO means certified pre-owned and it's different to Refurbished. All devices that we buy go through a 12 point check before they're certified pre-owned, during this process none of the devcie parts are replaced.
  • How long is your warranty on new devices?
    As a store we give six months warranty, but if it's a local device, the manufacturer's warranty is also applicable.
  • What happens if my device gets blacklisted?
    It rarely happens, but in an event that your device is blacklisted, we'll replace it like for like.
  • If I sell my device to you, how do you pay me?
    We give cash on the spot or an instant EFT
  • How long will it take for me to receive my device once you've couriered it?
    We use the courier guy's overnight service, you'll receive your device on the next business day, provided that we receive your payment before 3pm and provided that you're in a major city or after 2-3 days if you're in an smaller town/outlying area.
  • Do you do swaps or can I trade in my device?
    Yes you can trade in your device provided that it's still in excellent condition and it has a box and all accessories
  • Why are your devices so cheap?
    We're resellers, we buy from the general public for slightly less and then add a small markup..
  • What does your warranty cover?
    It's a repair warranty, it covers any device defects except accidental/water damage and battery problems.
  • Do you offer payment terms or contracts?
    Unfortunately, we don't, due to a high demand for our products. We only accept once-off payments!
  • Are you an Authorized Apple, Samsung or Huawei reseller?
    No we're not...
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